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The phobia and the fear of the dentist is very widespread, reaching such a degree in certain cases that the sufferer gets to evade going to their reviews and appointments.

Through sedation we can treat these patients, reducing the anxiety, stress and suffering that involves them face dental treatment.

This technique is indicated not only in cases of phobia and anxiety, but also in patients, adults or children, who present other types of problems, both physical and with some type of psychic disability that makes it very difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to treat them while they are conscious.

It can also be applied in cases where extensive or complex dental treatments are going to be carried out in which the patient has to be open-mouthed for a long time, as are some surgical treatments.

Sedation may be of interest in patients who must travel great distances for treatment, and may be performed in a single session.

By conscious sedation we never fully sleep the patient, it is not a general anesthesia, but a state of relaxation and well-being that evades the treatment that is being done, helping you to face the visit to the dentist with greater tranquility and comfort.

Once the treatment is finished, the medication is withdrawn and the patient regains his normal state quickly. The patient awakens with total normality, without breathing difficulties or pain.

To perform these procedures with total security, we have the collaboration of an anesthesiologist, who will previously interview the patient to see if there are no contraindications to perform the sedation, as well as to inform him / her in detail about the entire process.

If this is your case or that of a relative, contact us and we will see what technique is indicated for your case, and solve all the doubts.

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