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Whenever the loss of a tooth occurs, for whatever reason, it is very important to replace that tooth in the mouth. It is a very common mistake to think that because a tooth is missing nothing happens, but it is not, the absence of a tooth causes an alteration of the whole mouth.

The masticatory system is a very complex machine, and suffers from the lack of a single piece, for several reasons. Most of the time that lack forces us to do a unilateral mastication, on the other hand, which has numerous repercussions at the level of tooth wear and muscles and joints. It also causes the adjacent teeth to begin to move towards the space that has been free, producing the appearance of holes and dental malposition.

At the same time, the tooth that bit against the one that has been lost begins to grow, looking for another tooth against which to chew, thus altering the whole chewing dynamics. Replacing those teeth is the prosthesis, which can be removable or fixed.

In cases where we want to replace the teeth with a fixed prosthesis, we can attach ourselves to other teeth or implants. The implants serve as a support to replace the teeth, and the number of implants to be used will depend on the number of teeth to be replaced and the biological conditions of each person, such as the quantity and quality of available bone, medical history, and so on.

In order for any prosthetic treatment to be successful, we must make an individualized diagnosis for each person, study the conditions of the mouth and the needs of each patient, which will never be the same as that of another person. To solve all your doubts, come and visit us and we will advise you on the possible options for your case, in order that the result is satisfactory and expected by you.

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