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One of the oral diseases that can most affect general health is gum disease. The structures that hold the teeth, which are the gum and the jawbone, can get sick and also be affected by many diseases in other parts of the body.

Periodontal disease is, together with caries, the most frequent disease in the oral cavity. We speak of gingivitis when it is an inflammation that affects only the gums, and of periodontitis when the maxillary bone is also affected.

The main symptom of gingivitis is bleeding, which should alert us that there is a problem, since healthy gums do not bleed. It is a disease that does not hurt, so we must be attentive to other parameters, because sometimes when we go to the clinic the process is very advanced.

The main objective of treatment and prevention of periodontal disease is based on the elimination of plaque and tartar present in the mouth, both above and below the gums.

A gingivitis maintained for a long time becomes chronic, and can affect the jawbone, becoming periodontitis. In this disease act many risk factors, such as genetic predisposition, smoking, alcohol, vitamin deficits, systemic diseases and many others, but the accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar, due to poor hygiene or the absence of this is the main factor that triggers the disease.

When the bone is affected, it is destroyed, and the tooth loses support and therefore loses stability. The bone we lose never recovers. Due to this we have to do a thorough control when this problem appears, because if bone destruction progresses, we can lose healthy teeth that start moving and end up falling.

Do not let this happen to you, at the slightest suspicion contact us and we will make a correct diagnosis to be able to carry out the appropriate treatment to your problem.

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