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We call orthodontics to the treatment focused on placing the natural teeth in a correct position from the aesthetic, anatomical and functional point of view. When we also stimulate the movement of the maxillary bones to correct deformations or malpositions of them, we will talk about Maxillary Orthopedics.

Currently there are several different orthodontic techniques. The techniques vary from one treatment to another, not all of us have the same problems or the same needs.

The treatment in children is very diverse, and it is where we can do orthopedics, modifying the growth of the jaws, and dealing with functional problems, such as breathing, swallowing, phonation and chewing, which is a fundamental aspect for the correct development of the orofacial system and that has repercussions at the level of the whole organism. We can do maxillary and mandibular advance techniques, expansions, and so on.

Depending on each case, the age of onset is different, there are problems that must be solved as soon as they are detected, to stop harmful habits for the development of the mouth, such as excessive use of the pacifier, thumb sucking, mouth breathing, etc. , that can give rise to alterations of the development of the maxillary bone, or palate narrowed, crossed bites and loss of space. In other cases we will control the natural evolution of the patient until we see when is the ideal time to start treatment.

Currently there is no age to correct the position of the teeth, we can do orthodontics also in adults.

Orthodontics in adults can be done by placing braces or using invisible aligners.

The invisalign aligners are a very comfortable and very aesthetic technique, and with which we can give solution to most cases. The Damon system of low friction by means of brackets also gives us many possibilities of treatment, being a system with very soft and biological forces, which allows us to correct great crowding, also counting on the classic metal brackets and those of sapphire, very aesthetic.

Orthodontics is not a treatment focused only on aesthetics, but it is another tool in the treatment of the oral cavity. We will do orthodontics to open or close spaces in rehabilitative treatments, in cases where we have teeth that have been retained in the maxilla, in cases of treatments of the temporomandibular joint, and so on.

There is a solution for each problem, ask us your case, tell us what you are worried about and we will give you the best options for the treatment, in order to achieve the perfect result.

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Ask us your case. Each person has different needs and objectives. We will be happy to assist you and help you as much as possible.

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