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Of all it is known that one of the areas most affected by the passage of time and the loss of supporting tissues is the face, and within this, the perioral area, appearing wrinkles and lines of expression and loss of volume, especially on the lips.

Thanks to the techniques with hyaluronic acid we can recover the lost volumes in a natural way and delay the passage of time, providing hydration and luminosity to the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is generated naturally in our body, and is present in the skin, joints and many other structures, helping to maintain good hydration.

The hyaluronic acid is injected in the form of a gel in the area where we want to give volume or in the wrinkles that we want to eliminate, integrating naturally into the tissues. This favors the area rehydrate in addition to getting that volume effect and wrinkle removal immediately.

It is a resorbable substance, so its effects disappear with the passage of time, having to make a new application every 9 months or every year, depending on the area and the aesthetic objectives that we have.

It is indicated to give lip volumes, raise cheekbones and soften wrinkles, especially the nasolabial fold and puppet lines, which form from the corners of the lips to the chin, as well as to eliminate perioral and upper lip wrinkles, the so-called ” bar code “, giving volume to the labial philtrum and the profile of the lip.

It can be applied at any age, although it is recommended to start using it from the appearance of the first signs of age, and of course, both in women and men.

Once the hyaluronic acid has been applied, hygienic measures should be followed, which the professional who carries out the treatment will indicate for each specific case.

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