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The term “holistic” indicates that a system and its properties are analyzed as a whole, in a global and integrated way, and its operation can only be understood in this way, and not only as or the simple sum of its parts. From this point of view, we treat diseases of the oral cavity by integrating them into a whole, which is the body as a whole, from a physical, mental and emotional point of view.

Always based on evidence-based dentistry, on the scientific knowledge of modern dentistry, within holistic dentistry we will worry among other things to use materials free of harmful substances that may affect the rest of the body, such as bisphenol A, heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and chromium mainly, together with other therapeutic resources and biological-cutting drugs, the least harmful to the organism.

Likewise, we will try to detect and eliminate interferences produced by materials already existing in the mouth, and functional, due to dysfunctions or parafunctions of the masticatory system, which have become chronic focus that can produce or aggravate pathologies in other areas of the body, and even to emotional level.

One of the materials on which more controversy exists is dental amalgam, because of its high mercury content. To eliminate them we follow an exhaustive protocol to avoid the aspiration of mercury gases and any type of waste.

There are other types of techniques that help reduce and eliminate the relationship between dental pathologies and systemic ones, such as neural therapy.

If you are interested or interested in this type of therapy and want to deepen your knowledge or how it can affect you, come and contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

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