Dental Pediatrics

We take care of the oral health of the little ones

We take care of the little ones

Paediatric dentistry deals with the oral health of children and adolescents.
It goal is to prevent and treat all dental problems, both of the temporary teeth and young permanent teeth.

It is very important to maintain the health in the milk teeth, since a correct development of the mouth and the dentition in the early age will give rise to a correct permanent dentition when the dental change occurs.
From this point of view, we focus our treatments on this prevention and on the early treatment of caries and developmental problems.

The main tools for prevention are fissure sealants and fluoridation.
A very frequent question from parents is when to take the child to the dentist for the first time. Since the teeth appear in the mouth, and even before they erupt, we must control and monitor the appearance of caries and inflammatory processes of the gums, even advising the mother during pregnancy.

In this way we will try to detect and control the risk factors of oral diseases in childhood.

We must also act on the appearance of harmful functional habits, such as immature swallowing, the persistence of a pacifier, the suction of the thumb, the appearance of mouth breathing, and to solve quite common problems at early ages such as trauma, cavities, malformations, problems of eruption or position of the teeth, etc., which will detrimentally affect the correct development of craniofacial structures.

We can help you solve all the doubts you have about the oral health of your children, in these fields and in others as important as hygiene, food and many others.

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