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Conserving your own teeth is essential for current dentistry. No matter how good the prosthesis or implants are, it will never be the same as our natural teeth.

Nowadays we provide a variety of dental restoring materials from a high quality, with which we can restore not only the function but also the aesthetic of your teeth.

Therefore, for the conservation of natural teeth, it is essential to eliminate cavities and repair fractures as soon as they are detected, treating the damaged tissue without affecting the rest of the tooth, the bigger the extension of the lesion is, the more natural material we will lose, and therefore we lose resistance and aesthetics.

If we let the cavities grow larger and deeper, they will approach the nerve of the tooth more and more, increasing the risk of inflammation of the nerve, often coming to see us in need of endodontics.

The material with which we restore the teeth is the composite. We use last generation composites, which provide great strength and a high-gloss polished finish.

In cases in which the destruction of dental material is bigger and we need to place a very large restoration, we will resort to another type of conservative restorations, performed in the laboratory, such as inlays, onlays and overlays. With them we can replace the large volume faults and the cusps, pits and points of contact of the teeth. 

These restorations can be made in different materials, and we will advise you on which is the best choice for your case.

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