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INVISALIGN, don’t you know what it is?
Haven’t you heard of the most innovative orthodontic system? 

Now you can align your teeth WITHOUT brackets, with INVISALIGN, a transparent orthodontic system, which is very aesthetic, comfortable and painless. 

INVISALIGN consists of transparent aligners that are placed on the teeth, and are changed approximately every two weeks.
Each new aligner causes a small movement of the teeth, until the complete correction of the dental malposition. 

Recover your smile at CLINICA DENTAL MACÍAS with INVISALIGN.
Discover all the advantages of this method and enjoy orthodontics WITHOUT sores, NO 

discomfort and NO urgencies, and what is no less important, in LESS time than conventional orthodontics in most cases. 

Another great advantages of INVISALIGN is that you can remove the aligners to eat, so you can perform your oral hygiene in a complete way, and even flossing, which REDUCE to 

zero the problems of bacterial plaque retention and inflammation of the gums, which are caused by other orthodontics systems. 

If you still have any questions about INVISALIGN, come to our dental clinic in San Pedro Alcantara and we will solve them. We can see your case individually and advise you on the best solutions, so that you get the smile that makes you happy, without any commitment. 

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